Scalable Architecture and Analytics as Services

We work with organizations in need of automation, IT system modernization, scaling, and large scale data processing. More specifically, our solutions are for organizations that have huge backlog due to slow manual IT workflows, lots of technical debt from poorly designed systems that can no longer keep up with the workload, and need to serve more customers or locations to stay in business. New businesses that are by nature data intensive/heavy and in need of appropriate and flexible system design to grow seamlessly can leverage our service. Additionally our ideal clients need to make sense of data for informed decision making to stay competitive and improve lives.

Our decades of experience in diverse verticals, ability to listen and solve clients’ most pressing pain points as well as investment in our ongoing learning to stay current provide us an edge to be considered as trusted advisors in relieving our clients’ system modernization, scaling, and large data handling pain.

Additionally leveraging our data skill and heart felt urge to make the most of our existence – we are bootstrapping /building a system to support two of UN SDGs – zero hunger and zero poverty by 2030.