Conscious and Resonant Technology Leadership, Business Finance Coaching and Consultation for Profit, Innovation and Software System Scaling without Sacrificing what Matters (Peace, Joy, Flow, Engagement, Purpose, Progress).

We are on a mission to support technology teams and business owners in becoming the highest versions of themselves. Their transformations/inner abundance in turn transforms the businesses, brings exponential growth and outer abundance for them. Overflow in their abundance would in turn fill out the cups of other/ benefit their communities. In short we provide –

  • Paradigm Shift coaching for productive engaged team – who said technology job has to be stressful? Who said being a business owner is all about hustle and grind? Who said there is no other peaceful way of contributing or running a business without losing sleep? Who said if you are not stressed you are not serious enough about the work? Who said inner peace and leadership roles cannot co-exists?
    With proper inner work we can have holistic abundance and success in all areas of life.
  • Fractional CTO ServiceCoaching and consultation related to technology vision, strategy, and tactics for software system modernization and scaling. We have 25+ years of experience in the IT sector in diverse roles and we can be your business pain reliever.
  • Business Financing Coaching – do you need funding for business capacity building and growth? Would you like to discuss government backed fund, grant, loan or alternate private borrowing options? We can be of great help here.

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