Holistic Abundance Tool Box for Businesses: Exponential Business Growth via Financing, Paradigm Shift, and Technical Consultation

We are a group of software, business and banking professionals on a mission to build a portal to support business owners in becoming the highest versions of themselves. Their transformations in turn transforms the businesses, brings exponential growth and abundance.

Here is year 2018 press release about our company https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2019CITZ0008-000360 . That highlights that we were building SaaS to gather and present funding sources for capacity building for businesses in BC.

Caption: BC Government Press release (2018)

OrpheusKey in News

We pivoted from our original initiative of focus on funding for BC businesses only. Though business and funder/lender matchmaking is still our priority, we recognized that the mindset is a huge indicator of whether the entrepreneurs would take inspired action towards their visions or not. Hence we are focusing on a more holistic support for business growth. Mindset and technical guidance are value added services on top of business and lender match making.

In short we provide:

  • Business Loan Coaching and match making
  • Technical Consultation

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