What I Learnt from John Assaraf’s Brianathon

What have you learned from the Brain-a-thon program of John Assaraf?

Suraiya Khan’s answer: Few things I recall. “Winners do not quit and quitters do not win” -Lisa N. She explained how that slight change in mantra in place of her regular one (something like I am going to lose) helped her outperform during swimming. She broke the record. Our thoughts become things…

Daily Musing: A Different Business Model


As per Rob Kiyosaki as well as my observation, present day corporations are solely profit focused. There is no loyalty and employee well being focus. Employees are just numbers. The goal is to make the shareholders money. If that is the case how about forming a company where the employees are the shareholders and the company is employee owned? Would that change anything? Would it be win win situation for both employees and shareholders? Would it reduce fear of job loss, increase morale, less mental health issues and more happiness? Just a thought.

Here is a note from Rob Kiyosaki

That business model is not new though. There was such a business in UK by Dame Stephanie Shirley

Watch her talk here

Her company named Xansa was acquired in 2007 by a rival https://www.theguardian.com/business/2007/jul/31/3. That time company employees got millions. That said we would not be able to see how the membership /shareholder model would work in that company in “Chaotic” 2022 when tech giants are laying off people. The new parent company may no longer/not hold original vision, mission and ideal.

Commercial Loan Pre-qualification Questions

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Traditional Bank vs Alternate Lender for Business Financing

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Cons of Alternate Funding:

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Micro Notes/Musing: Why Focus Matters?

There is a saying that where attention goes energy flows.

Also particle and wave are two sides or representation of same coin.

If there is more energy (strong desire, focus, sustained inspired action) then without any energy lose we would get more/bigger physical dimension manifestation of that energy in the form of matter/particle. Or one energy turning into another energy.

From spiritual dimension money is an energy too. There is no limit too the amount. We just have to change our lenses and thought pattern scarcity thinking to abundance thinking.If we put more energy there without any counter intention then potentially we can create more money in this life than we can think of.
With that money we can possibly expand our business and help more people there by help ourselves. When we solve a big enough problem that affects millions of lives positively we can make millions. When we solve a big enough problem that affects billions of lives positively we can make billion. Adding value is the main thing. If done from right energy then money will come and we would be able to sustain the money flow.

That’s all for today.

Inspired by John Assaraf’s Recent Video on Divorce

Successful businessman John Assaraf recently indicated that he did not achieve immense success until he divorced from three things –

>> Limiting beliefs

>> Idea that success is reserved for others. I am not good enough to have it. I am not smart enough to have it.

>> Fear of failure, being embarrassed and ridiculed

For me I have to say I needed to have a divorce from # 1 and # 2 above. So far I have been “best kept secret in town, country, world”. I have to get a divorce from that tendency of hiding. I have to do energetic marketing to make myself visible and share my gift to the world. I will be doing courageous promotion of OrpheusKey as well as self going forward. My focus would be progress . And I would work more on the business than in the business.

Hard Money Lending versus Asset Based Lending

In case of hard money lending real estate is ideally used as collateral for secure financing. In case the borrower cannot pay the due the lender can sell the real estate to recover the payment.

In case of asset based lending things like inventory, accounts receivable instead of real estate can be used as collateral for a secured loan. In case the borrower cannot pay the due the lender can recover the payment from selling inventory or from accounts receivable.