Micro Notes/Musing: Why Focus Matters?

There is a saying that where attention goes energy flows.

Also particle and wave are two sides or representation of same coin.

If there is more energy (strong desire, focus, sustained inspired action) then without any energy lose we would get more/bigger physical dimension manifestation of that energy in the form of matter/particle. Or one energy turning into another energy.

From spiritual dimension money is an energy too. There is no limit too the amount. We just have to change our lenses and thought pattern scarcity thinking to abundance thinking.If we put more energy there without any counter intention then potentially we can create more money in this life than we can think of.
With that money we can possibly expand our business and help more people there by help ourselves. When we solve a big enough problem that affects millions of lives positively we can make millions. When we solve a big enough problem that affects billions of lives positively we can make billion. Adding value is the main thing. If done from right energy then money will come and we would be able to sustain the money flow.

That’s all for today.

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