Commercial Loan Pre-qualification Questions

For your commercial loan need please fill out this form below so that we can help you better with lender matching. By filling out the form you are giving OrphesuKey the permission to contact you. Serious inquiries only – we are not obliged to respond to spams.

Please note – we do not handle personal loan and mortgages. Also even though OrpheusKey R & D Inc. tries to best to support you there is no guarantee that your loan application will be approved. The result will vary. OrpheusKey should not be held accountable for any issues from declined application, your defaulting on payment and any other issues not stated explicitly here. Stating differently OrpheusKey does not guarantee that the financing can or will be obtained. OrpheusKey will not be liable to the prospective client/borrower for any losses or damages whatsoever in the event financing is not obtained. Additionally OrpheusKey will not be liable to any of the parties involved for cases including but not limited to if the borrowers defaults or if the borrower and lenders get into disputes.

The information we collect from you is needed for due diligence and pre qualification process. Your information is safe with us.

Our privacy policy is here : OrpheusKey Privacy Policy which would answer some of your data sharing concerns.

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