Daily Musing: A Different Business Model

As per Rob Kiyosaki as well as my observation, present day corporations are solely profit focused. There is no loyalty and employee well being focus. Employees are just numbers. The goal is to make the shareholders money. If that is the case how about forming a company where the employees are the shareholders and the company is employee owned? Would that change anything? Would it be win win situation for both employees and shareholders? Would it reduce fear of job loss, increase morale, less mental health issues and more happiness? Just a thought.

Here is a note from Rob Kiyosaki

That business model is not new though. There was such a business in UK by Dame Stephanie Shirley

Watch her talk here

Her company named Xansa was acquired in 2007 by a rival https://www.theguardian.com/business/2007/jul/31/3. That time company employees got millions. That said we would not be able to see how the membership /shareholder model would work in that company in “Chaotic” 2022 when tech giants are laying off people. The new parent company may no longer/not hold original vision, mission and ideal.

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