Mindset, Motivation, Value Creation, and Progress

I learnt the following from several different courses and books:

>> “Create value everyday.” -Eben

>> “Set rituals around marketing so that it is not bypassed” – Eben

>> “You do not setup a business; you are a business” – Grant C.

>> “Your life is your marketing” – Eben

>> You are a marketer in _____ business. Eben/Fabienne F.

>> Overcome fear of networking thinking your presence is needed in another person’s life. – Fabienne F.

>> Keeping yourself hidden/not sharing your gift with the world is a disservice. Marketing makes yourself visible to them who need your service/magnificent presence

>> “If you have money shortage, it is because you are not applying yourself; you are spending your time with wrong people” – Grant C.

Credit goes to Grant Cardone, Eben etc.

Some Canadian Business Grants

Some business grants relevant to Canadian businesses (Credit: Kirsten B and UVic Innovation Centre):
** Restrictions apply — like visible minority, in which province the business is located etc. For some the deadline is approaching soon.

Digital Adoption Program to grow your business https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/canada-digital-adoption-program/en has information about $2500 grant to grow business online and up to $15000 grant for Canadian-owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to adopt new digital technologies. 

Downtown Vancouver Storefront Security Grant – Businesses in the Downtown Vancouver catchment are eligible to apply for this funding. Downtown Van will match up to 50% of the cost (max $5,000) incurred to repair and restore damages from criminal activity.  Apply by 2/28/2023 – https://www.dtvan.ca/projects/storefrontsecuritygrant/

Nova Scotia Small Business Relief Grant – Small Business Hurricane Relief Program provides a one-time $2,500 grant to help Nova Scotia small business owners cover the cost of unanticipated business closures from Hurricane Fiona.  Grants of $2,500 – https://beta.novascotia.ca/small-business-hurricane-relief-program

BEBC Society’s Black Pitch Contest – Must be a legal resident of Canada and own a registered Canadian business. The founder or majority shareholder(s) must self-identify as Black.  Prize of $25,000.  Apply by 12/15/2022 – https://www.blackentrepreneursbc.org/black-pitch-contest/