Mindset, Motivation, Value Creation, and Progress

I learnt the following from several different courses and books:

>> “Create value everyday.” -Eben

>> “Set rituals around marketing so that it is not bypassed” – Eben

>> “You do not setup a business; you are a business” – Grant C.

>> “Your life is your marketing” – Eben

>> You are a marketer in _____ business. Eben/Fabienne F.

>> Overcome fear of networking thinking your presence is needed in another person’s life. – Fabienne F.

>> Keeping yourself hidden/not sharing your gift with the world is a disservice. Marketing makes yourself visible to them who need your service/magnificent presence

>> “If you have money shortage, it is because you are not applying yourself; you are spending your time with wrong people” – Grant C.

Credit goes to Grant Cardone, Eben etc.

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