New Year Musings:

Money follows attention,

Increase marketing to get attention. (Grant C.)When attention goes energy flows. Money is energy too.

Everything in this world can be described as energy/frequency/vibration – Nikola Tesla quote rephrased

Lead magnet – webinar, white paper, report etc.You are not valuable irrespective of strong skills unless you are known.

Get rid of money blocks, success blocks.System is more valuable than skills.

Use arbitrage, leverage, strategic partners.Measure to manage.

How you buy is reflected in how you sell.

So operate from abundance mindset when you are investing on yourself then people will buy from you from a place of abundance instead of scarcity too. They will not be hesitant to invest on themselves by getting your offering/product. You change in energy bring clients with different energy towards you. These clients with abundant mindset are not high maintenance one – they are easier to deal with , please and get reference.

Greatness needs commitment, consistent inspired actions. Start and end the day with what you are grateful for. That increases vibration. At that state of high vibration synchronicity happens.What you are striving very hard for like husking and grinding to get rice from paddy becomes irrelevant; a person/package with rice flour comes and you can use that to make your cake (final result that you want) and sale with high profit margin.

Credit: Grant Cardone, Nicola Tesla and my personal touch/magic wand on top of that.

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