Daily Musing: A Different Business Model


As per Rob Kiyosaki as well as my observation, present day corporations are solely profit focused. There is no loyalty and employee well being focus. Employees are just numbers. The goal is to make the shareholders money. If that is the case how about forming a company where the employees are the shareholders and the company is employee owned? Would that change anything? Would it be win win situation for both employees and shareholders? Would it reduce fear of job loss, increase morale, less mental health issues and more happiness? Just a thought.

Here is a note from Rob Kiyosaki

That business model is not new though. There was such a business in UK by Dame Stephanie Shirley

Watch her talk here

Her company named Xansa was acquired in 2007 by a rival https://www.theguardian.com/business/2007/jul/31/3. That time company employees got millions. That said we would not be able to see how the membership /shareholder model would work in that company in “Chaotic” 2022 when tech giants are laying off people. The new parent company may no longer/not hold original vision, mission and ideal.

Automated Fund Finder Presentation in 2019 BC Tech Summit


During end of 2018 and early 2019 we worked with Ministry of jobs as part of BC Government’s Startup in Residence program to leverage AI to locate and tag fund, grant etc. pages related to capacity building and economic development.

Here is the link to our presentation.

We pivoted from that work a bit and focusing on commercial borrower lender matchmaking niche, entrepreneurial mindset and energetic selling.

Some Canadian Fund, Grant, Loan Sources


Listing the information related to mostly Government backed fund, grant, loans for capacity building and economic development in different communities in Canada. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the following.:

For different funding sources for capacity building in BC you can have a look at


For Canadian Federal Gov site listed sources



Business Development Bank of Canada


Interesting read: https://www.bdc.ca/en/articles-tools/money-finance/get-financing/how-a-bank-looks-at-your-business

Potential Services to Provide Business Related Legal Advice in British Columbia


Here are few legal consultation services that we shortlisted in case you need access to business attorney or legal advice.


https://lextegicbusinesslawyers.ca/ has free consultation

https://smallbusinessbc.ca/service/advisory/talk-to-an-expert/talk-to-a-lawyer/ offers consultation for 30 minutes for $49.

This business law clinic at UVic provides legal consultations for business free:


Energy Toolbox for Effective Conflict Resolution


Recently I attended “Radiance Master Classes” by Transformational Coach Suzanne Adams. I have been listening to Suzanne Adam’s on an off. The first time I learnt about her work is in this TED Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RuCfTiCDjs What I liked about her master classes are the calming effects that those had on me. Also she mentioned bigger vessels can take more – so we have to expand our energetic container. Her session on emotional intelligence and conflict management is the one that I liked most. She provided her real life story/example of how she used her understanding of energy entanglement so as not to react when a person triggered her button. When we react our energy gets entangled with the other person’s energy and the whole situation becomes chaotic. But if we do not react then that entanglement does not happen. Also I read somewhere that until we have the lesson /until we tackle a tricky situation right the situation reappears. In the exam of life you an stay in same grade until you have the lesson. Also the situation or person that triggers us is showing us areas where we still need to work for our spiritual growth. I took courses by many transformational coaches so far but I have not found any session yet that covered emotional intelligence from divinity/spirituality perspective. Hence this is the one that worked most effectively for me as now a days explanation that is based on energy dimension speaks to my heart. I applied that training (it was free that time) during my tricky work situations recently. I would react and make it worse in the past. But as of recently I handled those situations fairly well and have more peace at work. I am looking for ways to purchase recording of that session. If I find how to I will post the link. In the meantime I am searching for something useful that talks about spiritual ways of conflict resolution.

This quote by Victor Frankl is worth considering “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” . Instead of immediately reacting in a provocative situation we can pause for more effective response and situation management.

Also here is an excellent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1waHtJwcRaw  from Wayne Dyer – that if we squeeze an orange we get orange juice no matter how hard/how soft it is pressed. What is inside that comes out. Similarly if we are angry under stress then the anger is within us. How did it get there? By our thoughts. So by managing thoughts we can manage what is inside and what will come out under difficult situation.

We cannot remove darkness with darkness ; we need light. Similarly we cannot effectively manage conflict by being engaging in angry fight, yelling etc. We have to express what is in our mind in healthy manner. I heard an excellent presentation on YouTube that used this following story. Let’s say a five year old wants to drive a car. If you do not let it it is having tantrum. Dumping that kid in the trunk of the car to keep him/her quiet is an unhealthy approach. Similarly giving in and letting her drive the car is equally unhealthy approach. We have to find healthy way to set expectation with the kid. Same is true in case of all conflict resolution scenarios.

For managing conflict recently I introduced another technique – that is making up a song in my head and signing “Hey hola Ni Hao let’s turn lemon into lemonade – wohoooo” . Got the idea after reading Lisa N.’s book “No matter what. Also music/singing were used by some people in the concentration camp and other confinements to keep their spirits up in those seemingly tough and hopeless situations. That inspired my “music in head” approach to calm myself down.

Couple of years ago I was a consultant/contractor/vendor with Ministry of Jobs. There was a contractor from another company. That person used to provide me unsolicited advice in very patronizing ways even though he did not have a lot of knowledge on those subjects (that I figured). I wish I knew more effective ways of handling such patronizing behaviors instead of bottling up my anger and frustration. Suzanne Adam’s and all the other tactics that I mentioned above could be very useful if I knew of these tactics in the past. Those would make those days of running my small business more peaceful and productive.

Review: Neuro-marketing and Neuro-sales for Business Growth and Profit


Recently I joined John Assaraf’s “5 Day Business Breakthrough challenge” (BBC) program. The cost of joining the program was USD 47. With this price the access is temporary for about one month after the challenge is over. The program has 3 days money back guarantee. For VIP elite life time access to the training and QA sessions the cost would be additional USD 97 on top of the initial USD 47 investment.

I have been seeing his ads for years and at some point I purchased his books “Innercise” and “The answer”. Still I was little skeptical about what a $47 challenge would even provide. After enrolling and actively participating I found that I was wrong. You can have a look at Free Lead Generation and Sale on Auto Pilot to satisfy your curiosity.

The base session each day was around 90 minutes long. With questions and answers (Q&A) part the daily session easily turns into 2 hours or 4 hours long. Other than sample limited QA sessions for the general admission group most of the Q&A sessions were for VIP tier.

Even though the main challenge was a five day long one; with bonuses it pretty much turned into a ten days worth of learning materials. John consistently over delivers. Almost 15 to 20 hours of coaching at 47 USD is a huge bargain for the attendees.

I have taken two other expensive Sales training programs- each costed me more than a thousand dollars USD. However those two training programs provided coaching on one specific area in the sales process. Additionally for those programs the claim was – those do work for any industry and any type of business. The truth is – those do not. Those were not good fit and scalable for public sector service consultancy type of work where you sell mid ticket products/services. This is simply because of the lengthy sales cycles, feeling lost when you do not have idea of the sequence and sales process flowchart, lot of decision makers being involved, Lengthy RFP processes only to find out at the end that the RFPs were cancelled. The RFP submission work without any awarded projects leads to entrepreneurial burn out.

On the other hand John’s challenge program covers the end to end sales process. Also he described the process in a way that is generic enough to be applicable to different businesses. He also advised us not to get involved in the “business of convincing”. We should deal with someone who already needs our services/products.Basically going after people who are already acutely aware of pain or aspiration that my service or product can relieve or deliver. Basically we should filter out people who are not our potential customers and use our valuable time, effort and money for the people who are potential customers.

John provided lots of specific examples. The amount of material may feel overwhelming. However John indicated that is a good sign. The presence of resistance and overwhelm are showing that we are getting past our comfort zone. We are growing. The area of resistance is exactly the area for growth; if we can breakdown that barrier then that is the pathway to our full potential /excellence.

Day 1 of the challenge was focused on – each participant’s . Vision, Goals, and BIG WHY.

Day 2 was focused on – Creating Perfect Client Profile / Avatar. This is very important. It determines how to craft the message. It also indicates where to find them (channels) – where those potential clients are active. If we know the ideal client profile well then we can make the most of our business resources reaching out to them. The Goal of marketing is not about the business owner; it is about the prospects or potential customer. The goal is to make them feel understood – it is to make sure that we understand their pain, aspirational goals etc. That’s why knowing our avatar is so critical for marketing and sales success. To elaborate the point of why it is important to know where those potential clients are active let’s talk about fishing. To catch Tuna we have to go to a specific area in ocean where tunas hang out. If our ideal client profile says that person is 65+ then it would not be wise to use Snapchat as a channel to market. This is because ideally people of that age do not use Snapchat.

Day 3 was on Neuro-Marketing and Neuro-Sales. I may have heard same message a few times but in the past it was not sticking but John made it very clear. He talks about reptilian, mammalian and then analytical brain. John explains which part of brain gets activated in which order and how to get spotlight attention from potential buyer to cut through the noise.This knowledge helps with disarming/soothing protective side of brain that seeks safety (prevent loss) more than gain. When we use that knowledge about brain in more effective sales and marketing pitch – we are doing “neuro marketing” and “neuro sales”. Basically a client make purchase decision based on emotion and then justify the decision with logic. This is another excellent part of John’s program. Neuroscience is John’s latest interest so he connected the dots between how brain operates and effective sales and marketing strategies and tactics . Customers do not buy feature of a product. Instead they buy benefits or benefit of benefits.

Until taking this course my approach to marketing and sales was fully logical – I ignored emotional part altogether. That explains the result of my past effort in sales and marketing.

Day 4 is on Lead Generation, Sales and distribution Channels. You can have a look at Free Lead Generation and Sale on Auto Pilot to satisfy your curiosity. John talks about free and paid lead generation sources, lead qualification (asking question, survey) , sales funnel, getting 5% of the people ready to buy, nurture the 15% who are still on the edge in making purchase decision (statistically it takes 5 to 12 attempts/communication on average before a purchase happens) and filter out the rest. Another good point that John mentioned is – for lead generation master one channel first before spending (your energy, time, money etc.) on many different channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Many other sales trainer emphasize the concept of “omnipresence”. I do not recall John saying that in this beginner friendly challenge course. We can discuss that another day.

Day 5 is about Sales Process Mapping and Inner Game of business Success, metric and optimization. He talks about proper mindset for wealth, risk taking, investment (what we spend in getting training is an investment instead of cost – that is a shift in perspective you see) as well. Forming habit by repetition – by getting rid of old programming, paradigm and money block is important. However the effort has to disciplined and consistent – even if it is a tiny step daily that is fine. Quoting John again – “Consistency is more important that intensity”

There was a bonus QA session that was amazing where John mapped his course materials with respect to individual’s lead magnet, marketing hook, price point increase etc. questions.

Carl Harvey – he is one of John’s past students, was very suicidal in the past and then he met John. He does copy writing (was trained by John’s team) and was invited during one of the bonus sessions. Most of the attendees loved that session and Carl’s magnificent presence.

The way the whole process of the Business Breakthrough Challenge is setup – from that you would know how to build trust with free, or cheaper product/service, over deliver in the cheaper product/service to build trust. Statistically any bigger ticket item purchase (couple of hundred to thousands of dollars) needs 5 to 12 interaction/communication. Anything priced higher than 1K $ would need human interaction. After this nurturing process there is request to join the high priced item where there is more emphasis on accountability and increased support from the private community of other students and experts from John’s team. Marketing guru Jay Abraham explained that beautifully in the book “Sticking Point Solution” and below is a snapshot from that book.

To learn about one free lead generation technique with flowchart that I am using as well as to get to John’s business breakthrough masterclass please have a look here Free Lead Generation and Sale on Auto Pilot

Depending on price point John’s programs are a mix of done with you vs done for you scenarios. I noticed that after taking Jon’s BBC program different set of materials (in my surroundings /what is coming in my way) is getting my spotlight attention. That is helping me with proper positioning of myself and what I have to offer to the world. I am taking tiny steps, already formed some habits and mindset conducive to wealth generation, got past my fear of being judged and embarrassed. Oh and I answered that question – “Are you committed? Or are you merely interested?

I am committed to play bigger. See me in one year. 🙂

Brief History of OrpheusKey’s Involvement in Business Funding Search

We are a group of software, business and banking professionals; coaches and consultants on a mission to support technology leaders and business owners in becoming the highest versions of themselves. Their transformations in turn transforms the businesses, brings exponential growth and abundance for them. Overflow in their abundance would in turn fill out the cups of other/ benefit their communities.

Here is year 2018 press release about our company https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2019CITZ0008-000360 . That highlights that we were building a system to gather and present funding sources for capacity building for businesses in BC.

Caption: BC Government Press release (2018)

BC startup companies @UrbanLogiq, Kinsol Research and OrpheusKey were at #BCTECHSummit today to show how their ideas can improve the way government works for British Columbians #BCSTIR #bcpoli pic.twitter.com/fkrDfqL1FE— Jinny Sims (@jinnysims) March 12, 2019

OrpheusKey in News

We pivoted from our original initiative of searching for fund for BC businesses only. Though business financing is still our priority, we recognized that the mindset is a huge indicator of whether the entrepreneurs would take inspired action towards their visions or not. Hence we are focusing on a more holistic support for technology leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ growth.

New Year Musings:

Money follows attention,

Increase marketing to get attention. (Grant C.)When attention goes energy flows. Money is energy too.

Everything in this world can be described as energy/frequency/vibration – Nikola Tesla quote rephrased

Lead magnet – webinar, white paper, report etc.You are not valuable irrespective of strong skills unless you are known.

Get rid of money blocks, success blocks.System is more valuable than skills.

Use arbitrage, leverage, strategic partners.Measure to manage.

How you buy is reflected in how you sell.

So operate from abundance mindset when you are investing on yourself then people will buy from you from a place of abundance instead of scarcity too. They will not be hesitant to invest on themselves by getting your offering/product. You change in energy bring clients with different energy towards you. These clients with abundant mindset are not high maintenance one – they are easier to deal with , please and get reference.

Greatness needs commitment, consistent inspired actions. Start and end the day with what you are grateful for. That increases vibration. At that state of high vibration synchronicity happens.What you are striving very hard for like husking and grinding to get rice from paddy becomes irrelevant; a person/package with rice flour comes and you can use that to make your cake (final result that you want) and sale with high profit margin.

Credit: Grant Cardone, Nicola Tesla and my personal touch/magic wand on top of that.

#successmindset #nicolatesla





Mindset, Motivation, Value Creation, and Progress

I learnt the following from several different courses and books:

>> “Create value everyday.” -Eben

>> “Set rituals around marketing so that it is not bypassed” – Eben

>> “You do not setup a business; you are a business” – Grant C.

>> “Your life is your marketing” – Eben

>> You are a marketer in _____ business. Eben/Fabienne F.

>> Overcome fear of networking thinking your presence is needed in another person’s life. – Fabienne F.

>> Keeping yourself hidden/not sharing your gift with the world is a disservice. Marketing makes yourself visible to them who need your service/magnificent presence

>> “If you have money shortage, it is because you are not applying yourself; you are spending your time with wrong people” – Grant C.

Credit goes to Grant Cardone, Eben etc.

Some Canadian Business Grants

Some business grants relevant to Canadian businesses (Credit: Kirsten B and UVic Innovation Centre):
** Restrictions apply — like visible minority, in which province the business is located etc. For some the deadline is approaching soon.

Digital Adoption Program to grow your business https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/canada-digital-adoption-program/en has information about $2500 grant to grow business online and up to $15000 grant for Canadian-owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to adopt new digital technologies. 

Downtown Vancouver Storefront Security Grant – Businesses in the Downtown Vancouver catchment are eligible to apply for this funding. Downtown Van will match up to 50% of the cost (max $5,000) incurred to repair and restore damages from criminal activity.  Apply by 2/28/2023 – https://www.dtvan.ca/projects/storefrontsecuritygrant/

Nova Scotia Small Business Relief Grant – Small Business Hurricane Relief Program provides a one-time $2,500 grant to help Nova Scotia small business owners cover the cost of unanticipated business closures from Hurricane Fiona.  Grants of $2,500 – https://beta.novascotia.ca/small-business-hurricane-relief-program

BEBC Society’s Black Pitch Contest – Must be a legal resident of Canada and own a registered Canadian business. The founder or majority shareholder(s) must self-identify as Black.  Prize of $25,000.  Apply by 12/15/2022 – https://www.blackentrepreneursbc.org/black-pitch-contest/

What I Learnt from John Assaraf’s Brianathon

What have you learned from the Brain-a-thon program of John Assaraf?

Suraiya Khan’s answer: Few things I recall. “Winners do not quit and quitters do not win” -Lisa N. She explained how that slight change in mantra in place of her regular one (something like I am going to lose) helped her outperform during swimming. She broke the record. Our thoughts become things…

Commercial Loan Pre-qualification Questions

For your commercial loan need please fill out this form below so that we can help you better with lender matching. By filling out the form you are giving OrphesuKey the permission to contact you. Serious inquiries only – we are not obliged to respond to spams.

Please note – we do not handle personal loan and mortgages. Also even though OrpheusKey R & D Inc. tries to best to support you there is no guarantee that your loan application will be approved. The result will vary. OrpheusKey should not be held accountable for any issues from declined application, your defaulting on payment and any other issues not stated explicitly here. Stating differently OrpheusKey does not guarantee that the financing can or will be obtained. OrpheusKey will not be liable to the prospective client/borrower for any losses or damages whatsoever in the event financing is not obtained. Additionally OrpheusKey will not be liable to any of the parties involved for cases including but not limited to if the borrowers defaults or if the borrower and lenders get into disputes.

The information we collect from you is needed for due diligence and pre qualification process. Your information is safe with us.

Our privacy policy is here : OrpheusKey Privacy Policy which would answer some of your data sharing concerns.

Traditional Bank vs Alternate Lender for Business Financing

There is a saying that banks do not give you money when you need it the most. Bank would be ready to give money who does not need it. Due to stringent requirements many businesses do not get approved to have loans from bank. The alternate lending industry lends money to businesses with marginal credit score and processes approval application very quickly in days or weeks instead of months. Our curated lender databases and matching algorithm can help you with your commercial loan need. For regular grants and government backed funding you have to go to a different page/list.

We work with business owners that are looking for capital to grow their businesses ( as for example to buy equipment, business vehicle etc.). We match them with a network of lenders who have helped over 2,000 companies with over $500 Million dollars in financing.

 If you are worried that you may not meet our lending partners’ requirements, don’t be yet. These alternate lenders have more flexible lending criteria compared to traditional banks.

Pros of Alternative Funding:

* Less paper work/short application

* Speedy decision

* More flexible approval criteria

* Lower credit score is considered

Cons of Alternate Funding:

* Higher interest rate

After borrowing money from alternate lender and using that to increase value of your business ; down the road you may be (depending on your situation) able to refinance with traditional bank for more favorable terms and lower rate.Alternate lenders are meeting your need during the business identity gap when bank would not lend you.

Please do not take any of the statements here word for word or as financial advice. Those are probable ideas. Always use your discretion and assess your situation so that you are not facing penalty due to early refinancing. OrpheusKey is not liable for the choices you make.

Micro Notes/Musing: Why Focus Matters?

There is a saying that where attention goes energy flows.

Also particle and wave are two sides or representation of same coin.

If there is more energy (strong desire, focus, sustained inspired action) then without any energy lose we would get more/bigger physical dimension manifestation of that energy in the form of matter/particle. Or one energy turning into another energy.

From spiritual dimension money is an energy too. There is no limit too the amount. We just have to change our lenses and thought pattern scarcity thinking to abundance thinking.If we put more energy there without any counter intention then potentially we can create more money in this life than we can think of.
With that money we can possibly expand our business and help more people there by help ourselves. When we solve a big enough problem that affects millions of lives positively we can make millions. When we solve a big enough problem that affects billions of lives positively we can make billion. Adding value is the main thing. If done from right energy then money will come and we would be able to sustain the money flow.

That’s all for today.